barium sulfate,CAS No: 7727-43-7

pre-cipitated barium sulfate

Appearance : White oblique side crystallization or white amorphous powder.

Package : Double-lined  or polyethylene  bags,  jackets composite plastic woven bags, packaging, weighing 50kg bag

 Delivery detail: within 15 days after the advance payment received 

Tasteless, nontoxic. Soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid, do not dissolve in water, ethanol and acid. When dry caking. Industrial precipitation of barium sulfate itself not toxic, but if the content of soluble compounds of barium can lead poisoning

Application areas mainly in paints, inks, paints advertising, cosmetics, poly ethylene oxide resin and filler for the weight gain on. Rubber products both for filler, reinforcement role began. Glass products for clarifying agents, defoaming and began to increase luster role. Inorganic used for the production of other industrial barium salts such as Barium hydroxide, barium carbonate, barium chloride and other raw materials. The timber industry wood grain production printing plate for the grounding and modulation printing expletive. Organic Synthesis as green color pigments and fillers  amylin production physique


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